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360° Six·Degrees·of·Inspiration

“The High Holidays are full of inspirational messages that are found within the traditional prayers. The intent of 360°Six·Degrees·of·Inspiration was to give public expression to our fears and hopes, wishes, desires, and aspirations in the New Year, by inviting speakers who have lived, struggled and triumphed.
Through the exceptional words shared by others, I found myself able to extend the limits of my own communication to the Congregation. Six·Degrees·of·Inspiration is a title that highlights the 360° reach of the words we hear as we sit in the Sanctuary, often closely connected to others, surrounding ourselves in a panorama of lives experienced in all its forms, pulsating with hopes and dreams.
The feelings conveyed by our speakers are magnified by their courageous will and brave extroversion of self.
They are all asked to talk about themselves, and they are all asked to share their own personal inspiration and journeys. Finally, they all leave us with a call to action.”
Rabbi Yossi

Tue, 29 September 2020 11 Tishrei 5781