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  Beth Torah Lecture Series

We are thrilled to host the Beth Torah Lecture Series year-round,
with amazing speakers and interesting subject matter.

Stay tuned for more exciting lectures to come!

Living Jewish Wisdom Course

A multi-denominational course, ideal for those exploring a deeper connection to Judaism.

Each person’s journey towards Judaism is organic and individual. We invite you to explore Judaism and your growing relationship with it through the lenses of different Jewish denominations. This course introduces central Jewish ideas, practices, texts, and experiences that form the foundation of a Jewish life.

It will also give you the tools to choose an informed, healthy and whole commitment to Jewish living and the Jewish people, whether you are already Jewish, considering conversion**, or simply curious about a peoplehood that is different than your own.


What former students have said

"This course is wonderful. The teachers are friendly and open. Anyone with an interest in religion is well advised to take the course and gain a fascinating insight into Judaism.” – John, 2015 student

“The strength of the class is making one comfortable to question and be critical of all the information presented. The instructors were sincerely committed to my learning without proselytizing.” – Ivan, 2015 student


For more information

To learn more about the Living Jewishly course, visit the website or feel free to email us.


**Please note: This course is solely an educational endeavour and enrolling does not guarantee conversion. If you pursue conversion, you will choose a mentoring rabbi/educator and continue the process based on the specific denominational requirements. The partners of conversion candidates must participate fully in the course. Students pursuing conversion will have additional fees outlined by the mentoring rabbi/educator.


Sun, 9 August 2020 19 Av 5780