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Kind words from our community

The following are thoughts shared by community members with us in appreciation for our Livestreamed Services and Passover Seder in 2020 


BRAVO & KUDOS to Rabbi Yossi and his family for putting together an excellent FAMILY SEDER that so many including myself tuned in to, for the explanations throughout the HAGGADAH, with the appropriate songs by Allegra, Michal and Rabbi Yossi. SPECIAL KUDOS and appreciation for the sponsored technical support as well as all the various participation by select speakers, and singing groups and soloist, as well as showing several photos of Beth Torah members at their own SEDERS. 

Thanks to all concerned. I really appreciated the effort put into this amazing production, also echoed by my daughter in-law Vickie. 

Best wishes, 

~ Mollie  


Thank you so much for the wonderful online services! 

~ Anna 


Just to thank Rabbi Yossi for helping to make Passover a better holiday. 

We all enjoyed his service and then ate together. Family came from Florida, New York and California and loved being “together”. 

None of this would have happened without you, Rabbi Yossi 

~ Bill and Lynda 

Dear Rabbi Yossi, 


I cannot say adequately how much I loved watching your first seder tonight.   A lot of women like me are alone, couldn't be with their kids or their grand kids and your live streaming the first seder filled what would have otherwise been a terrible void.   I've given your website to several friends in the same position and I'm so grateful that you did this.   Kol ha Kavod to you and your beautiful family.   Looking forward to the second seder. 

~ Ruth 

Hi, Rabbi Yossi. 


    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the virtual Seder. It was inspiring and very well done, and just what was needed in these topsy turvy times. Your wife and daughter are delightful, and you are very engaging. 

    My friend, Mike, whom you know, told me about your Saturday virtual services, and I'm glad he did. I am watching them "religiously," and enjoy your sermons very much! I'm a member of another Shul, and am glad I can avail myself of your Shul's services and spiritual guidance in addition to those from my Shul. 

    Let us all hope that the current situation passes as soon as possible. My best wishes to you and yours for health and safety. Take care and be well. 

    Best Regards, 

    ~ Michael 

Shalom Rabbi Yossi, 

Todah, thank you, a yasher koach for streaming a beautiful seder with your family. My husband and I sat at our dining room table with our laptop and were able to have a very meaningful seder with your family and yourself. 

You are also doing a mitzvah by streaming your Shabbat service which we were a part of yesterday. Let us hope that this COVID19 virus will eventually end and our lives can return to normal. 

Wishing you continued good health. 

~ Sandra 

RE: Virtual Seder 

Please my thanks to Rabbi Yossi for doing this.  We are dear friends.  I will be tuning in from Hamilton and spread the word to all our Jewish community in Hamilton and friends at Bialik too. 

Thanks.  Chag Pesach Kasher Vesameach. 

~ Joanne 


By chance, I happened to come across your sermon online from last week. I watched and thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to let you know. 

Best wishes for a Chag Kosher V'Smeach. 

Keep safe and healthy. 

~ Chaim 

Hi Rabbi Yossi. 

    I’m not one who usually lets people know how I feel, but I am compelled to tell you that I am so grateful for what you’re doing in these very difficult times. I’ve told my children and grandchildren that you’re “my hero”. Your Shabbat services are presented with such compassion and caring. I feel so very comforted by them. I even look forward to them. 

    I’m now looking forward to your Seder (for our second night), your Yizkor service and others in the next week. Passover is such a difficult holiday when we’re not able to be with and hug all of the people whom we love most, but I’m counting on you (and I know that you will) to help me and everyone else get through it.  

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do! Please keep on doing it. 

    Chag Sameach and best wishes always, 

   ~ Merle 

Thanks to Rabbi Yossi for Seder and heartfelt sermons. 

~ Josh  

Thank you, Rabbi Yossi, for everything you have been doing! You are an amazing person.  Please continue to stay well.  

~ Beth Torah family 

Thanks for reminding me of my family at BT. Ur doing great work. 

~ Howard                                           

Dear Rabbi, 

I want to thank you so much for allowing me to share in your family’s seder. I did not feel alone at this time, which for me means family time where no one has a place to be but together around the table having wonderful discussions. 

You truly did a great mitzvah.  

Be well and stay safe. 

~ Phyllis 

Hi Yossi, 
We hope you’re keeping well. 
We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for the community during these very difficult times. I was going to put ‘The Beth Torah’ community but truth be told your reach is far beyond that. Personally, I know that Anna, my grandmother and my sister have been tuning in, as I’m sure many other non Beth Torah members have been as well. 
We look forward to welcoming you into our home every Saturday morning. This is the highlight of our week. During a time of uncertainty and fear, one of the only true comforts I have found is our time with you. Regrettably, we never regularly attended services on Shabbat before but ‘participating’ in services this way has shown us (me in particular) what a wonderful thing it is. You make it light-hearted when needed, serious when needed and overall just so enjoyable.  
You have started to transform the way people are approaching Judaism and this is something you should be extremely proud of; you will always have our support. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make things easier on you. We’re happy to help. 
Hope to see you in person one day soon. 
Take good care, 
~ Zoe 

Good morning Yossi, 

I hope this email finds you and your family healthy and safe. I didn’t want another day to go by with me again forgetting to email you a quick hello and a thanks. 

During this surreal time in our history, while isolating at home alone, I appreciate any and all opportunities to connect with family and friends via texts, phone calls and video chats. 

I also very much look forward to your livestreamed Saturday service and sermon, which are helping to give my week some much needed structure, some comfort and some food for thought always. However unorthodox, watching and listening while wearing my jammies and drinking my morning latte, I generally feel more peaceful when the service is completed. 

Thank you and the congregants who have made this possible. 

Stay well, 

~ Sharon 


Hi Cantor Ben, 


We wanted to thank you and Rabbi Yossi for including Ayla in the online service yesterday. We had friends and family watching from Toronto, Michigan, Cayman and Israel. It felt very special.  


Looking forward to the real thing in October.  


Be well. Stay safe.  


Thank you, 

~ Kobi and Cynthia 



Sun, 9 August 2020 19 Av 5780