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Sale of Chametz


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hereby appoint Rabbi Yossi Sapirman to act as my agent and sell all Chametz that will be in my possession as of 5pm on April 8, 2020




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Location of Chametz 
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Approximate value of Chametz $
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I hereby authorize Rabbi Yossi Sapirman to act in my stead, and empower him to do all that is required to make such a sale valid in order that I conform to all the Halachic requirements and restrictions regarding the possession of Chametz over Pesach. I hereby also make any Agreement of Sale (shetar mechirah) that he may use for this purpose, part of this authorization.

Moat Chittim - Passover Charity (Optional)

I am enclosing/pledging a contribution for Maot Chittim (Passover Charity) to help others less fortunate, to celebrate the holiday. 

Forms must be submitted before 5pm on April 8, 2020

Wed, 27 May 2020 4 Sivan 5780