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What are Rosh Hashanah E-Cards?

Beth Torah Congregation is excited to provide a beautiful new way for you to wish family and friends a Happy New Year. 

This year, we are offering the option of send a personalized Rosh Hashanah card via email. Your donation costs the same, and your card is delivered within minutes.

What do they look like?











How do I purchase it?

Visit our Donate Now page. Donations for cards start at $18.

Click on the "Type" drop down menu and choose "New Years Greeting"


How do I personalize it?

Below the "Type" menu, click on the "Dedicate" drop down menu and choose "New Years Greeting"

This produces fields that will allow you to fill in the details of the person you wish to send to and your own information.

"Person to Notify" refers to the email recipient. This could be the person you're dedicating to, or they could be  the recipient on behalf of the person you're dedicating your card to.


Will anyone else see it?

The card will be between you and the recipient. However, if you'd like your greeting listed in our High Holiday bulletin, please fill out the final field on the dedication page and we'll include it.


Can I do this over the phone?

You can choose to arrange your cards over the phone, or could send a card through us via regular mail. Please connect with Courtney Sherman, our Lifecycle Coordinator, at 416-782-4495 ext. 27



Thu, 18 July 2019 15 Tammuz 5779