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We have loved teaching your children and are getting ready for our next chapter.


As we work toward Hebrews'Cool 2.0 for 2020-21, we ask for your patience.

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Our proud parents and grandparents

"This was our first year at Hebrew's Cool, and our children had an excellent time! The staff are all amazing at giving the kids the kind of care and education parents can only dream of. Our whole family had an incredibly meaningful year! We can't wait to return in the fall!"

‒ Jen and Chris Dutcher (parents)

"My four year old twin grandchildren learned so much from their Tuesday Hebrew’s Cool class. They know the Hebrew alphabet, learned about our holidays and love to tell everyone their Hebrew names. Kudos to Kayla, she is so warm and caring and extremely competent, and to the twins’ fabulous teacher, Danielle."

‒Sandy Druck (grandparent)

Our enthusiastic teachers

"I love working at Beth Torah, the environment is very welcoming and comfortable. The school is so much fun; the teachers are all very friendly and are always innovating fun and new ways to teach classic stories and lessons."

‒ Miriam Maes (teacher)

"Beth Torah’s Hebrew’s Cool program is a fun and engaging experience for children to learn about their Jewish identity and enjoy Judaism. Jewish history is brought to life through hands-on activities and creative projects. My favourite part of Hebrew’s Cool is music class; it warms my heart to hear traditional Hebrew music that has been sung for generations and continues to be passed on to the future ambassadors of our community. From generation to generation."

 ‒Sydney Orlander (teacher)

 “At the Hebrew’s Cool Hebrew School we’ve taken a unique, innovative and modern approach to the music program. Our curriculum includes both contemporary and traditional music and prayers, from different genres of Jewish music from around the world. In this way, the music program is progressive, comprehensive, diverse and multicultural. As the teacher, the most rewarding feedback from parents is that their kids enjoy music class so much that they’re still singing their favourite songs on the car ride home, and sometimes even teaching the songs to their siblings. The kids learn songs they may hear at bar mitzvahs, at Shabbat tables, at services in synagogue and even on the streets, today, of Jerusalem. The goal is always to keep the students engaged with meaningful and relevant music”.

‒ Emmett Levin (teacher, music specialist)

Fri, 23 October 2020 5 Cheshvan 5781