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Rabbi Yossi Sapirman

Rabbi Yossi Sapirman is the Senior Rabbi of Beth Torah Congregation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a Conservative Judaism affiliated Synagogue founded in 1962.

After more than 18 years at Beth Torah the congregation continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Young and old alike find his style and enthusiasm to be a breath of fresh air as he makes Judaism relevant and enjoyable. Innovation, non conventional thinking and being a great, warm and caring Shul community are the primary focus of “Rabbi Yossi” as he is known by all.

Beth Torah gained national prominence when over 100 families were on its waiting list for membership. This remarkable resurgence was noted by the media prompting the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s national newspapers, to describe Beth Torah as “The “it” Shul… and a Shul that Rocks.

Rabbi Yossi has transformed a synagogue that was once on the fringes of the Toronto Jewish community into a hub of dynamic and progressive Judaism. His approach is founded on the principal that “the most modern Judaism is the one that makes Tradition relevant” a philosophy that empowers individuals to embrace the Jewish narrative and contribute to the experience by applying traditional Jewish values to everyday life.

He has recently founded “Living Jewishly” an organization that empowers individuals to confidently engage tradition and history while embracing modernity and future. It’s about the transformation present in every moment.

Beth Torah has recently been awarded the prestigious Itanu award for Inclusion and Accessibility, the result of a recent 8.2 Million Dollar building project resulting in a new abstract design, modern, minimalist architectural masterpiece. Rabbi Yossi personally was awarded the Rabbi Kelman Humanitarian Award by Reena in recognition of his inclusive and empathetic leadership.

Rabbi Sapirman has extended his warmth and broad vision to a multi-faith world and has embraced the challenges and rewards of interfaith dialogue and engagement. He also sits on the governing boards of Mazon Canada, the Jewish National Fund and the Centre for Diversity and is involved in many local and national projects and causes.

Rabbi Yossi Sapirman appears regularly on radio and television, hosts his own television segment on CTS, lectures on many subjects and is known as a warm and caring Rabbi.

Mon, 25 March 2019 18 Adar II 5779